Spray Painting

Class One Decorating is a progressive business and we strive to keep abreast of the latest technology in paint application. The spraying systems we use are suitable for both interior and exterior applications; the XVLP system, in particular, being ideally suited to the painting of architectural plastics, including uPVC windows, doors, conservatories, etc.

Airless spraying

Airless spraying, both internally and externally, is fast becoming the paint application system of choice for projects requiring a rapid turnaround, involving large surface areas or requiring the ultimate finish.
As well as becoming increasingly common in normal domestic decorating, it is ideal for projects such as barn conversions, new builds, industrial units, commercial premises, render, pebbledash, schools, rental property refurbishment, etc.
On internal work, for instance domestic houses, offices or hotels, etc., airless spraying achieves a far superior, velvet-like finish compared to traditional brush and roller and is often far quicker. The airless system is also perfect for long fence runs, stables, log cabins, sheds, timber-clad buildings, etc.

HVLP (high volume, low pressure) and XVLP spraying

We use these systems predominantly in domestic properties for trim work, ie. staircase spindles, internal doors, skirtings and general woodwork. It is also extremely well suited to intricate plasterwork, ornate cornices, etc. With the correct preparation, the process of spraying can be significantly quicker than traditional brush-painting and provides the ultimate flawless finish.

Furniture Refinishing

Class One Decorating offers a comprehensive furniture refinishing service. From a single item to a complete bedroom suite or kitchen, etc. we can give your furniture a stunning and unique transformation, either by traditional brush craftsmanship or by spraying.

Feel free to contact us  for expert advice or a quotation for any of the above services.