Lincrusta: A unique extra dimension to any interior

Lincrusta is a deeply embossed wall covering which was invented in 1877 and has been made in Britain ever since. It is still made using the original methods today and from totally natural materials. In fact, there are many examples of the original Lincrusta still in place, which is testimony to its outstanding durability.

With an ever-growing catalogue of designs, from the classical elegance of Italian Renaissance to the striking, contemporary Caprice, there is a Lincrusta design to suit any situation, including wall coverings, friezes, dado panels and borders.

The decorative effects which can be applied to Lincrusta are limited only by the imagination. An infinite palette of colours and glazes can be combined with special techniques such as highlighting, application of metal leaf, ageing, and additive and subtractive texturing, to produce beautiful and unique effects.

Class One Decorating are registered and accredited, advanced-level installers and restorers of Lincrusta.  The restoration process is also applicable to other period wallcoverings which are no longer manufactured, for example “Cameoid”, “Lignomur”, “Cordelova”, as well as the well-know and current “Anaglypta”.

If you are considering incorporating the timeless beauty of Lincrusta into your decorative scheme, from feature walls to complete interiors, from private houses to hotels, offices or shops, we will be pleased to advise you on any aspect. We can also supply samples to help you make your final selection.

Some examples of Lincrusta designs and decorative effects may be viewed in our gallery. For further examples, please visit the main Lincrusta website.

Lincrusta installed by Class One Decorating, Birmingham

Class One Decoration Lincrusta Restoration

Although Lincrusta is one of the most durable and long-lasting wallcoverings in existence, it is not always possible to purchase old designs (particularly pre-war) to replace damaged sections, for instance after water damage, an alteration to fixtures and fittings or if a period derelict building is undergoing restoration.

The Lincrusta company have now introduced a restoration kit

After extensive research and testing, the Lincrusta company have developed a Lincrusta restoration process. This means that designs that have not been manufactured for many years can now be faithfully reproduced and restored, preserving the rich heritage of Lincrusta for generations to come.

The Lincrusta Restoration Process

First, an area of existing Lincrusta is selected as suitable and the repeat pattern identified. The surface is thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, any minor damage is repaired.

Then multiple layers of a two-part silicone compound are applied in-situ. This material replicates the design down to the finest detail. A fibreglass support layer is then applied to the silicone and the completed mould is removed from the wall and laid horizontally for the casting process

Using a specially-developed compound, a cast is then produced from the mould. After trimming and cutting to the required pattern repeat or dimensions, the cast is then applied to the substrate using a specialist adhesive.

Class One Decorating are also skilled and experienced in the renovation and redecoration of existing Lincrusta. If it is necessary to strip off old layers of paint in order that the Lincrusta can be restored to its former beauty, we use environmentally friendly and non-damaging, specialist products.
If you would like Lincrusta installing in your home, or if you are fortunate enough to already have it and would like it restored or redecorated, our details can be found on the Contact us page. Our quotes are comprehensive, free of charge and carry no obligation.